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New double deck gas oven



Latest generation direct heating gas oven.

The modular gas oven line has been designed to be adapted to the needs of the kitchen operating space and productivity. The oven can be work with any kind of gas (G30 / G31 / G20 etc.). 60 x 80 x15 cm are the dimensions of the baking chamber and the high performance single burner is placed under the sole of the bottom baking chamber. Thanks to exhaust smokes recovery that optimizes the heat distribution the baking experience will be even and more inexpensive. The temperature is controlled by a digital electronic Thermo-regulator, as well as gas supply in case of failures with safety valve. The two chambers are separately illuminated.

See more: Download double deck gas oven PDF ==>> forno-bicamera-a-gas-double-deck-gas-oven

The assembling is very simple and components are pretty commons .

The full project can be supplied in SolidWorks format.

NEWS 2017 – bakery equipment for sale

for your food processing and bakery equipment engineering needs.


By now, suppliers are available that can arrange to supply the components of the machines at different levels (for example: only cut sheet or individual pieces, for all products).

If you are interested or for any other information, contact us today so we can discuss your Bakery Solutions.

In addition to providing the technology, we can follow the production and put you in touch with suppliers.




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The most efficient solution for your company.

bakery kit

chiave_318-10298 We provide everything you need to assemble and ending by yourself any machinery for BAKERY or PASTRY (for example oven, dough sheeters, moulders and more).
PACCO You can find different kits mounting of various levels according to your situation.
save money bakery Easy to do and lower costs.

kit bakery consulting

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baking kitSave time and save money with our new idea, it’s very easy to make ovens and other bakery or pastry machinery by yourself!




LP CONSULTING: Experience, projects, technology and customizations for bakery industry.


LP CONSULTING is specialized in the design and in the consultancy to make machinery for food industry, especially we have many project for bakery industries. According to customer needs, we also make  projects ad hoc.

formatrice tipo italianoTECHNOLOGY

Experience acquired in the use of the machines we offer in our projects. Design with the most modern three-dimensional CAD systems with a focus on easy to use and maintenance.


LP CONSULTING remind you that all the information and technical data on the website are just indicative and may be modified by us at any time.

If  You have any particular production needs, please contact us. We are ready to study with you the best solution to your problem.


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New volumetric

volumetric section
new volumetric – section
New volumetric
  • New and performant
  • It is produced with handling hydraulics
  • No gearbox
  • The sequences of the machine are independent
  • You can give waiting times for the inlet valve or and for the expulsion
  • replacing oring
  • Replacement is possible without dismantling the machine
  • Oring is composed by material of new conception
  • Electromechanical control unit or with PLC
  • The lubrication is adjustable
  • Cylinder steel AISI 304
  • Plastic piston
  • power supply
    Built in food material (allows smooth feeding with constant pressure)
  • Rounding
  • It is produced by several types of bread
  • unloading belt
  • It is possible to have variable speed drive on the unloading conveyor for adapting the speed to the type bread weight with the accuracy in weight.
  • The machine can be produced with more pistons 1 to 6

Dough sheeter

sfogliatrice collage

 LP CONSULTING is specialized in the design and in the consultancy to project machinery for bakery and pastry industries,.
Pay attention !!!! We don’t sell the final machine  you can see in the photos but  we just  have  the plans to build ovens and machines for baking. 
  • The machine is built according to the latest standards of functionality and can process different types of dough to a very fine thickness.
  • The laminating rollers are plated with hard chrome.
  • The top and bottom scrapers of the rollers may be easily removed for cleaning purposes.
  • The side panels are in stainless steel. The conveyor belts, made in synthetic material,have differentiated speeds.
  • The box with the flour for dusting may be easily taken out.
  • The work surfaces can be lifted up at the end of the works, thus reducing the floor space required.
  •  The machine has wheels for easy moving and is supplied with two rolling pins. Stainless steel safety guard.

LP CONSULTING remind you that all the information and technical data on the website are just indicative and may be modified by us at any time.