Cyclethermic oven

 LP CONSULTING is specialized in the design and in the consultancy to project machinery for bakery and pastry industries,.
Pay attention !!!! We don’t sell the final machine  you can see in the photos but  we just  have  the plans to build ovens and machines for baking. 

ciclotermico collage

  • Oven with 3 stacked decks, oven doors made of tempered glass each one moved by a closing lever;
  • Automatic and independent steam generators with push- buttons;
  • Refractory cement sole with metallic net frame;
  • Stainless steel oven front , external panelling in painted sheet steel;
  • Electromechanical or digital computerised control panel;
  • Function with gas or gas-oil burner;


  • Optional
  • Independent chamber (2X2);
  • External panelling in stainless steel INOX 18/8;TAB CICLOTERMICO 3 CAMERE TAB CICLOTERMICO 4 CAMERE

LP CONSULTING remind you that all the information and technical data on the website are just indicative and may be modified by us at any time.