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New double deck gas oven



Latest generation direct heating gas oven.

The modular gas oven line has been designed to be adapted to the needs of the kitchen operating space and productivity. The oven can be work with any kind of gas (G30 / G31 / G20 etc.). 60 x 80 x15 cm are the dimensions of the baking chamber and the high performance single burner is placed under the sole of the bottom baking chamber. Thanks to exhaust smokes recovery that optimizes the heat distribution the baking experience will be even and more inexpensive. The temperature is controlled by a digital electronic Thermo-regulator, as well as gas supply in case of failures with safety valve. The two chambers are separately illuminated.

See more: Download double deck gas oven PDF ==>> forno-bicamera-a-gas-double-deck-gas-oven

The assembling is very simple and components are pretty commons .

The full project can be supplied in SolidWorks format.